David Ligare

California Classicist

Scott A. Shields, David Rodes & Patricia Junker

Foreword by Donald Kuspit

David Ligare’s paintings of figures, landscapes, architectural subjects, and still lifes are permeated by the lessons of antiquity, promoting Classical ideals as relevant to modern life and featuring California light and land.

315 x 280 mm

268 pages


ISBN: 978-1-906506-54-4


Subject: Art

David Ligare expands the realist tradition through the very unreality of his art. Since the late 1970s, he has used his considerable technical skills and historical knowledge to create perfectly ordered Classical paintings influenced and informed by the ancient Greeks. Setting subjects within the specifics of California he bathes them in the pure and wondrous light of the coast. Released in conjunction with the exhibition organized by the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, this publication features revelatory essays, a chronology, and more than 200 reproductions and photographs.

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Scott A. Shields, David Rodes & Patricia Junker

Growing up in Southern California, David Ligare (born 1945) developed a vision of light informed by his proximity to the Pacific Ocean. After attending the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, he moved north, living for several years in Big Sur and Santa Barbara. He began to fully embrace Classicism in the late 1970s and, at the same time, relocated permanently to Monterey County, California, where he continues his quest to create evocatively beautiful, classically inspired paintings that transcend time and place.

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"Substantial … and beautifully illustrated"
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