On The Edge

Combahee to Winyah

J Henry Fair

On The Edge is the work of environmentalist and photographer, J Henry Fair, who brings our attention to the tragic effects created by the human impact on our planet. Each of Fair's striking aerial images are accompanied by detailed explanations. In this book, he explores the South Carolina coastline.

230 x 280 mm

112 pages



Subjects: Environment / Human impact on our planet, Climate change, Toxic waste / Aerial photography

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Over half of the world’s population lives within 100km of the coast. Coastlines define us, contain us, and connect us to the outside world. The current trend of migration to the coast is forecast to increase, just as climate change is predicted to increase the impact of storm activity and rising sea levels. The effects of this combination on coastal regions and infrastructure over the entire world are of enormous concern, and the results will be expensive at best and possibly catastrophic. Comprising less than 10% of the United States’ land area, coastal counties house 39% of the US population and are responsible for 45% of its GDP. With this and the impending climate-induced changes in mind, J Henry Fair has undertaken an ambitious portrait of the coasts of the USA. The first chapter of the project entailed a return to his hometown of Charleston and the South Carolina shoreline, with its unique barrier islands, marshes, maritime forests, and intricate estuarine systems, in order to capture the beauty and frailty of this land.

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J Henry Fair

J Henry Fair is an American photographer and environmental activist, based in New York. Fair has used his images to call attention to environmental and political problems in different regions of the world. He is best known for his "Industrial Scars" series which has been exhibited around the world at major museums, galleries, and educational institutions. Speaking about Industrial Scars, Roberta Smith, chief art critic of The New York Times said, “The vivid color photographs of J Henry Fair lead an uneasy double life as potent records of environmental pollution and as ersatz evocations of abstract painting … information and form work together, to devastating effect.” Fair’s work has been featured by The TODAY Show, CNN, NPR’s Marketplace, and WDR German TV, as well as in most major publications, including The New York Times, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Die Zeit, Le Figaro, Harper’s, Smithsonian, and Scientific American.

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