Weather Lore Volume III

A Collection of Proverbs, Sayings and Rules Concerning the Weather – The Elements: Clouds, Mists, Haze, Dew, Fog, Rain, Rainbows

Richard Inwards

This beautifully illustrated collection of traditional Weather Lore, first published in 1893, reveals the important role all play in foretelling the weather around the world.

130 x 170 mm

112 pages


ISBN: 978-1-906506-39-1


Subject: Nature

Much is to be gleaned by the countryman who watches from the hilltop the drifting of the clouds, the descending of mists, the presence of dew, or the coming of rain. Accurate weather predictions have always been an important human ambition and one that for some could ensure their success or failure. The result has been the framing of a rough set of rules about the weather. Some of these observations have become proverbs; others have taken the shape of rhymes; while many have been passed down by word of mouth, as mere records of facts. Those revealed in this beautifully illustrated volume, first published in 1893, have informed our Weather Lore for thousands of years.

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Richard Inwards

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"These weather-related wonders are thoroughly diverting, especially as so many pertain to rural life"
The Field