Food Planet Future

The Art of Turning Food & Climate Perils Into Possibilities

Robert Dash

Food Planet Future takes the reader on an extraordinary visual tour of everyday foods and in the process, connects us more deeply to the world we help to shape. It draws upon art, research, and innovative practices to reimagine the tangled crises of food security, climate change, and biodiversity loss. Food Planet Future invokes awe and wonder and inspires action taken on our Earth’s behalf.

254 x 254 mm

204 pages


ISBN: 978-1-906506-74-2


Subjects: Food, The Planet, Climate Change

April 2024

Amazing visual feast with a terrific message!

David R. Montgomery, Author, Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations, Growing a Revolution


“Robert Dash’s extraordinary images are doorways to both knowledge and imagination. … Seeing through [his] lens is to appreciate the mystery and grandeur of the living world in a way that is unforgettable.”

Paul Hawken, Founder,


“Robert’s work…offers hope that the strength of the human spirit and our collective ingenuity is sufficient to implement solutions at a time of multiple crises.”

Dr Christopher P. Cockel, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Robert Dash

A career science educator and self-taught photographer, Robert Dash searches out tiny subjects with large stories about climate, conservation, and biodiversity. His work has been published by TIME, Lenswork, Buzzfeed, and National Geographic (Growing a Greener Feast, 2022, Best Science Photos of 2021). Dash’s images have appeared in galleries and juried shows in the US and overseas. His TEDx lecture, The Intercourse of Nature, explores leaf stomata as a metaphor for interconnectedness. Dash’s traveling exhibition, which birthed this book, is titled Food Planet Future. His first book, On An Acre Shy of Eternity / Micro Landscapes at the Edge, which won the Nautilus Book Award, was a three year study of land on the edge of the Salish Sea where he and his partner, artist Ranna McNeil, reside.

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