Food Planet Future

The Art of Turning Food & Climate Perils Into Possibilities

Robert Dash

Food Planet Future draws upon art, research, and innovative practices to reimagine the tangled crises of food security, climate change, and biodiversity loss. Here, surreal photography, fact, metaphor, humor, story, and environmental commentary invite us to look closer and celebrate solutions. They connect us to the climate we help shape.

254 x 254 mm

208 pages


ISBN: 978-1-906506-74-2


Subjects: Food, The Planet, Climate Change

March 2024

“In a world filled with processed, ready-to-eat food, we have lost touch with what food actually is, and how our modern diets are the result of the domestication of the wild relatives of our crops by humans over millennia. Through his stunning images and illuminating text Robert Dash not only brings beauty to our everyday foods, but also reminds us of the crucial role of pollinators and decomposers, the intrinsic connection of crops and food to cultures, their importance for human nutrition, medicine and health, and the close associations between farming systems, soil health and climate.

Robert’s work shines a new light on the wonder and microscopic complexity of our food, appeals to the need to diversify our diets, and offers hope that the strength of the human spirit and our collective ingenuity is sufficient to implement solutions at a time of multiple crises.”

Dr Christopher P. Cockel, Project Co-ordinator: Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Robert Dash

Robert Dash is an educator, naturalist and photographer whose work features the complex textures and patterns of micro nature. His photographs have been published by National Geographic, TIME, Lenswork, and Buzzfeed. They have appeared in galleries and juried shows in the US and internationally. He was shortlisted for the Visura/UPI Grant for Storytelling On Climate Change, 2018. His images traveled as part of the international outdoor exhibition The FENCE. In 2017, Dash authored On An Acre Shy of Eternity, Micro Landscapes at the Edge, which won the Nautilus Book Awards Gold for Photography and Arts, and Best of Self Published. In 2016 he presented the widely-viewed TEDx lecture, “The Intercourse of Nature.” His current traveling exhibition about food and climate change is entitled “Food for Thought/ Micro Views of Sustenance: Threats and Prospects.”

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