How To See Birds

An Enthusiast's Guide

Matthew Stadlen

Foreword by Martin Harper

A personal and witty approach to birdwatching, by a British enthusiast who wants to open our eyes to the beauty of birds.

185 x 240 mm

192 pages


ISBN: 978-1-906506-69-8


Subjects: Photography, Birds, Nature

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When we see a bird, do we really see it? It’s perfectly possible to go through life with an almost total disregard for birds. However, in Britain, there are more than a million members of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. And thanks to Instagram - and other networking sites - there is also a growing number of bird photographers opening our eyes to unimagined treasures.  From the giants of our skies to the sweetest singing garden warbler, from Matthew Stadlen’s London street to the Indian jungle and taking in countries as far afield as Albania and Australia, this book is, in a way, also a story of his life. Starting with the smallest bird in each chapter and building towards the biggest, and using his photographs as a guide, How To See Birds takes us on a very personal birdwatching journey and in the process, helps us to see birds - to really see birds! 

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Matthew Stadlen

Matthew Stadlen is a TV and radio presenter. He presents a twice-weekly LBC show rated number one in London, and boasts a large national audience of 150,000+. Before that he presented, produced and co-devised the hugely successful ‘Five Minutes With’ interview strand as well as 29 half hour ‘On The Road With’ documentaries - both for the BBC, where he was also a programme editor on BBC One’s This Week after starting out on ‘Newsnight’. Matthew made national and international headlines with his articles for The Telegraph and wrote The Matthew Stadlen Interview in the paper. He has written for The Spectator, The Sunday Times and Radio Times, appeared frequently on Sky News and is the co-author of ‘The Politics Companion’, published by Think. Cambridge educated, Matthew was born and raised in Notting Hill where he still lives but he gets out to the country whenever he can to pursue his twin passions of photography and birdwatching.  

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“Very pretty pics of very pretty birds.”
David Baddiel

“Matt Stadlen’s bird photography is exquisite. Each is caught by his lens for the briefest of moments - in flight, at rest, feeding or flirting - and held there in all their miraculous detail and beauty. A book that will bring fresh delight with every turn of the page.”
Juliet Stevenson

“An utterly enchanting view of the lives of birds - up close and personal.”
Alan Rusbridger

“Matt Stadlen turns out to be the Audubon of the digital camera - his photos are a lark at dawn, a nightingale in moonlight.”
Simon Schama

“Bright and beautiful – the photographs alone are stunning.”
Rory Bremner

"Immersive photos show us how to really see, soak up and understand the birds around us."
RSPB Magazine

"[Stadlen] certainly succeeds in capturing the beauty and unique characteristics of each of his feathered subjects, and his enthusiastically written accounts of his experiences are a real pleasure to read."
Outdoor Photography Magazine