Wild Africa

Alex Bernasconi

Preface by Saba Douglas-Hamilton

A sumptuous visual record of one of the last natural paradises on Earth, this gold-medal winning book is a unique first-hand photographic encounter with the wildlife of the continent in all its spectacular grandeur.

320 x 275 mm

270 pages

Hardback with gatefold

ISBN: 978-1-906506-31-5


IPPY Gold Medal 2011 – Photography

From a totally fresh perspective, with unique access to some of the remotest regions and species living beyond the confines of captivity, Wild Africa is a contemporary photographic record that takes you into the heart of one of the world’s last natural paradises. The result of painstaking expeditions across the continent, Alex Bernasconi’s photographic document contains some of the most novel, surprising and spectacular images of Africa and its wildlife. This is an off-road Africa, with moments of true beauty and natural delicacy that shows the full splendour of wildlife at one with the landscape, whilst preserving its raw immediacy. In the one thousand eight hundred images a week that Bernasconi takes of some of nature’s finest and most endangered animals, wildlife photography is embodied at its most honest and creative. Wild Africa depicts some of Africa’s most voluptuous vistas alongside the world’s most treasured wildlife discovered off-guard, at its most powerful and endearing. These are unique images by a photographer motivated to preserve for posterity the most exceptional panoramas of wildlife in its true habitat that we have today. This is a visual testament of the best of our planet. It is an enduring legacy to inspire the ecological generation.

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Alex Bernasconi

Alex Bernasconi is an award-winning nature, wildlife and landscape photographer. Born in 1968 in Milan, he has carved out a multi-faceted career as outdoorsman, sportsman, adventurer and traveller, his camera always with him to take up-close photographs of wildlife and its environment. His iconic images have appeared in magazines and books worldwide and he has won many prizes at prestigious international awards including the International Photography Awards (IPA), the Trierenberg Super Circuit, the PX3(Paris), the WPO Sony World Photography Awards, Graphis, and the Epson International Pano Awards. Wild Africa, his first photography book, was awarded the Gold Medal at the Independent Publisher Awards in New York in 2011.

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"A breathtakingly beautiful book … Alex Bernasconi should be hailed as the new (and improved) Ansel Adams"
Conservation Magazine

Digital Photographer

"Unbelievably beautiful … one of the finest galleries of wildlife photos ever collected"
Library Journal.com

"Full of truly compelling images"
Travel Africa

"Sumptuous … Bernasconi's spectacular photos remind us of the variety of this great continent"
BBC Wildlife Magazine